What I Ate Today

It’s been quite a while since I last wrote. Life has definitely been on the crazy side. We are in the process of buying a house (hoping to close in three weeks!). And just moved from our temporary furnished rental into our friend’s house for the next couple weeks (thank you guys!). And I also started my new job as the Marketing Coordinator for Fugro Consultants last week. Phew!

Well I’ve had this post planned for quite a while. It’s a look into what I eat on a daily basis as someone on the Paleo Diet. I decided to choose a day that Joe and I were traveling to San Antonio. Not sure this was the best day to choose since I did eat quite a bit of non-paleo things, but it shows you a good example of what Paleo can consist of and how to incorporate those special “treat” foods from time to time.

We visited San Antonio a few weeks back to celebrate my birthday. It was a blast! We started out with breakfast at home. I had some fresh pineapple, two fried eggs, leftover prosicutto crisps and avocado.

Paleo Breakfast

We took the pups for a long walk before we left and I stopped at a food truck for a decaf iced coffee with half and half (no photo). I was also super hungry for a snack so had some plain almonds and an apple. When we got to San Antonio we visited the San Antonio Botanical Garden and had lunch at their bistro. I had a salad with tomatoes, blackened chicken, bacon and spinach with a warm vinaigrette. Yum!

Paleo Lunch

We wandered around the garden and then went to our bed and breakfast to settle in. After we were rested up, we went out for happy hour at Boiler House and enjoyed roasted eggplant dip with gluten free toasted bread. Also a glass of nice red wine.

Eggplant Dip

Then we headed to Il Sogno Osteria for a nice Italian dinner. We had a salad with avocado, roasted pecans and bell peppers. They also had homemade foccacia with a white bean dip that was delicious. Then we splurged on a pizza that was soooo good. It had prosciutto, an egg, spinach, potatoes and a garlic sauce. Most days don’t look like this for me, but it gives a glimpse into the Paleo lifestyle (even with the “cheat” meals). Next time I’ll try and do a non-weekend or non-traveling post!



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