Potato Frittata

Prosciutto, Potato and Spinach Frittata

Frittatas are one of my favorite dishes to make. They are so easy and you can incorporate any meat, veggie or cheese (if you want). They are fairly quick to make, especially if you have the ingredients prepped. And they make for a great breakfast, lunch or dinner! I’ve posted a few frittata recipes here and here. This recipe was actually …

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Sweet Potato & Pork Hash

The 21 Day Sugar Detox is officially over! I feel like I’ve been cheating all week as I’ve been incorporating those “no” foods back into my diet. I probably indulged a little too much last week (ice cream, fries, dark chocolate, fruit, wine, beer, sweet potatoes). Those things are definitely not bad in moderation but I probably need to be …

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Any Meat and Veggie Scramble

Joe left for Austin yesterday and made the 13 hour trip alone in one piece (thank the Lord!). He’s settling into our summer rental and already planning on going to the farmer’s market this morning…he is really going without me! I’m a little in shock still. I made  him promise he would cook at least one “normal” meal this week …

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