Post-Baby Freezer Meals Update

Now less than 2 weeks away from our baby’s due date, I think I may be done stocking up the freezer. It’s pretty full and my energy is starting to slowly diminish. It’s been a battle just keeping up with regular cooking, let alone additional cooking. I feel pretty good about what we have stocked up so far and if I get a burst of energy, I may add a few more things in there. Below is the list of what I have prepared and ready to go whenever Thing 3 shows up!Joe and Kacie

Based on this, we have 31 lunch/dinner servings, 16 breakfast servings, 24 side servings, 28 snack servings (granola bars/muffins), and 12 dessert servings. We’ll also continue to buy fresh veggies and fruit each week to add to our meals. For breakfast, Joe usually eats homemade granola with almond milk and I’ll probably stick to eggs and smoothies which are quick and easy. Lunches will be leftovers of whatever we cook or reheat for dinner. I’ll also keep snacks on hand such as nuts, fruits with almond butter and lots of smoothie ingredients. The crockpot will become our best friend again. I’m looking forward to some yummy and filling soups this fall/winter! Perfect timing. 🙂

Mamas – did you stock up on any freezer meals before baby arrived? If so, was it helpful?

Meal Recipe Servings
Pork roast with sauce (uncooked, use crockpot) 6
Sweet potato bacon burgers (uncooked, grill) 8
Coconut lime chicken (uncooked, use crockpot) Link 4
Coffee cake muffins Link 8
Breakfast bowls (added shredded pork) Link 4
Chicken salad with apricots and almonds Link 4
Quinoa fried rice Link 8
Crock-pot pork stuffed peppers Link 8
Granola bars Link 14
Sloppy joes Link 3
Paleo egg cups (used ham) Link 6
Eggplant salad Link 4
Raspberry muffins Link 6
Balsamic veggies (uncooked, use crockpot) Link 6
Baked oatmeal Link 6
Taco pasta (used gluten-free pasta) Link 2
Cooked rice and quinoa 6
Almond joy bars Link 12
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