It’s a Baby!

Joe and I are beyond excited to announce that we are having a baby! Our lives will be drastically different come the end of September when we will welcome this little bundle of joy into the world. I’m currently about 14 weeks pregnant and can say that I am thrilled to be past the first trimester. It’s also been extremely difficult keeping this a secret for so long! We wanted to wait until the first trimester was over and our latest doctor appointment around 13 weeks to make sure everything was okay.

I’m also excited to document my pregnancy (the good and the bad) on Sweet-Paleo. I already have quite a few pregnancy-related posts up my sleeve that I’ve been dying to share including our story of getting pregnant, first trimester experiences, and trying to maintain the Paleo diet while pregnant. Lots of good stuff to share.

But for now I will leave you will the cutest picture I have ever seen! 


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