Sweet Potato Fries

Loaded Sweet Potato Fries

Joe introduced me to what we always called “fries with hamburger” when we first started dating. Basically it was a bag of frozen waffle fries cooked until crispy topped with cooked ground beef and shredded cheese, then broiled. It was delicious! I’ve mixed it up over the years and used the all-natural frozen sweet potato fries and added a few …

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Paleo Beer Dinner (Well…the food is Paleo!)

A few weeks ago we celebrated Joe’s birthday. Last year we were living in Texas and went to a 5-course beer dinner at a local brewery to celebrate. It was delicious but definitely not Paleo. This year instead of going out to dinner, I decided to surprise Joe and create a Paleo-inspired 4-course beer dinner at home. I know beer …

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