Biweekly Update: 36 Weeks

Holy moly…four weeks until due date! I’ve been trying to finalize all last minute prep items as much as possible (getting remaining baby items, freezer meals, postpartum prep) and trying not to freak out too much about how soon baby will be here. I think we are just about done prepping freezer meals which hopefully will be a huge lifesaver once baby is here and we aren’t getting meals delivered from friends anymore. Below is a list I’ve been working from. I haven’t made all this but we’ve got a big chunk done. Thankfully we have a large deep freezer to store all this stuff! Baby updates below.

Meal Recipe
Quinoa fried rice
Crock-pot pork stuffed peppers
Crockpot fajita chicken
Sloppy joes
Paleo egg cups (use ham)
Sausage and veggie skillet
Raspberry Muffins
Taco Pasta
Feta spinach egg bake
Spaghetti Squash Pizza Bake
Almond joy bars
Beef stew
Baked mustard lime chicken
Sweet potato soup
Lactation energy bites
Cooked rice/quinoa
Cooked black beans
Sausage apple egg cups
Blueberry baked oatmeal
Broccoli rice cups
Cooked lentils
Crockpot breakfast casserole
Chicken noodle soup

How far along: 36 weeks

Size of baby: Head of romaine lettuce

Gender: Everyone thinks it’s a girl…only time will tell!

Movement: Some days baby is super quiet, other days crazy active. Still getting hiccups periodically too. Those rib kicks are killer!

Sleep: Man how I’m going to miss my sleep once baby comes. 🙂

Workouts: I was having quite a bit of pelvic ligament pain and laid off a lot on working out including walks and yoga. I just started walking a bit more and am planning on going back to yoga this weekend. I don’t want to lose all my strength/endurance before labor but I’m also trying to be aware of my body and rest as much as needed.

Symptoms: Just normal tiredness/fatigue as I reach the end. It’s been really difficult to lift/carry Enzo and I’ve been trying not to as much as I can. I was also having some cramping this week. The midwife gave me some herbs to help and so far things have been better. I’m not quite ready for baby yet!

Cravings/aversions: For the most part food has been sounding really good though I still have queasy moments periodically. I’m really excited to make these molten lava cakes this weekend! Also making a huge batch of black beans and rice loaded w/guacamole which sounds super comforting right now too.

Missing anything: It will be nice to get back to my non-pregnant self though I know I’ll have mixed feelings and miss being pregnant once baby is here.

Best part of the week: Had an amazing baby shower with friends in Austin which was a huge blessing. Also got to see Dashboard Confessional in concert with Joe and had another night out at a fancy hotel downtown for Joe’s work party. Squeezing in those last date nights while we have the chance.

Can’t wait for: Some more relaxing evenings. My days are pretty busy the next couple of weeks but our nights are going to be really chill which I’m looking forward to.



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