Biweekly Update: 30 Weeks

How far along: 30 weeks

Size of baby: Large cabbage

Gender: So hard not knowing still!

Movement: Movements are getting a little more uncomfortable now especially when baby is turning around in there. He/she likes to jab me in the right hip bone and towards my right ribs.

Sleep: Still sleeping pretty well though my snoring has been keeping Joe up. Pretty sure the snoring won’t stop until a few months postpartum if it’s anything like last time.

Workouts: Continuing to do strength and yoga workouts at home when I can squeeze them in.

Maternity clothes: For sure!

Symptoms: Getting tired more easily has been hitting me a bit this week. It’s so weird to huff and puff when I feel like I’m hardly doing anything at all. Also, having to say lots of prayers for patience with Enzo as I seem to get frustrated a lot more easily.

Cravings/aversions: No crazy cravings right now but trying to get back on the healthy bandwagon after a lot of splurges last month. This week we had chicken stuffed with sundried tomatoes and tahini then wrapped in bacon, roasted green beans and sweet potatoes. Completely addicted to salted cashews & almonds right now too! Also obsessed with these spiralized noodles made from a company based in Austin. They make four kinds (sweet potato, butternut squash, zucchini and beets). Have a recipe post coming soon featuring them.

Missing anything: I did miss having a mimosa New Year’s Day but had some yummy French toast so that made up for it. 🙂

Best part of the week: Family visiting…sad they had to leave.

Can’t wait for: Mixed emotions but I’m going on a work trip to Washington D.C. for four nights, leaving Joe alone with Enzo. I’m glad they get to have some bonding time together but I know I’ll still miss being here. Though this is the first solo trip I’ve taken in a really long time. I’m going to try and enjoy it since I have a feeling it will be a while before I get another one.

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