Biweekly Update: 24 Weeks

The past couple weeks have been a little insane. To not go into the whole story, Joe’s Dad went into the hospital a week before Thanksgiving because his heart was infected from a previous surgery. The family has been through numerous ups and downs (from being told there was nothing they could do, to trying to get a transplant, to literally going down to surgery to replace the infected parts only to end up not doing it, being put back on the transplant list and getting a heart transplant the next day!) Praise God that He has been so faithful through all of this and Chuck is now in recovery with his new heart. It’s a long road ahead but each day is a blessing that he might not have received if it weren’t for the generous organ donor. For updates on how he’s doing you can follow along here:

Now onto baby updates!

img_20161118_173612How far along: 24 weeks

Size of baby: Cantaloupe

Gender: ??

Movement: Getting bigger and more alien-like.

Sleep: Nothing much changed here. For the most part sleeping well but I’ve bothered Joe with my snoring a little bit more lately.

Workouts: Because of traveling and everything going on, workouts have been minimal. I have managed to squeeze in a few short strength training and yoga workouts.

Maternity clothes: Yep! Just went to Kid to Kid (consignment store in Austin) and they had loads of inexpensive maternity clothes. Able to pick up the remaining items that will hopefully last me through to the end.

Symptoms: Nothing crazy is sticking out to me right now. There have been a couple times when I try to pick up Enzo and my abdomen gets stretched a weird way and hurts for a little while afterwards. Also, my joints seem to be a little more sensitive if I sit in the wrong position or stretch too far.

img_20161127_110938Cravings/aversions: I’m addicted to eating quinoa or rice right now. Also made some delicious apple cinnamon rolls (not healthy in any way but they are homemade!). Hummus and sweet potato chips have also been hitting the spot.

Missing anything: Keeping up with Enzo is getting a little tougher as the days go by!

Best part of the week: Despite the circumstances, getting to be with family this week has been great.

Can’t wait for: Though I’ve enjoyed my time with family, I am ready to go back home. Joe and I are also headed for a weekend getaway in Wimberley, about an hour outside of Austin. Staying at a bed and breakfast and just taking some time to be together.

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