Biweekly Update: 20 Weeks

img_20161020_172229How far along: 20 weeks

Size of baby: Banana

Gender: Still leaning towards girl.

Movement: Getting more stronger movements throughout the day but usually in the morning or at night. When I’m busy running around, I tend to not feel anything. Then once I sit down and relax, baby starts kicking things up a notch.

Sleep: Every night is a toss up. I either sleep really well or wake up a lot with crazy dreams and bathroom trips.

Workouts: Been doing these Mommy Trainer workouts (this is the second time I’ve gone through them). I don’t stick to a schedule/plan but just do them in order when I get the time. Also still trying to walk and squeeze in at least one prenatal yoga session each week either at Eastside Yoga or YouTube.

Maternity clothes: Pretty much. I need to find some type of jacket/sweatshirt that’s going to fit me this winter.

Symptoms: Allergies and headaches have still been plaguing me off and on. I’ll have a really good day, then the next I’m hit with an awful headache and sinus pressure. Joe and Enzo also had colds this week and I’ve been taking Wishgarden’s Immunity Boost for Pregnancy and Enzymedica Enzyme Defense to fight it off. I can tell that my body was starting to get the cold but it never turned into a full blown sickness. Hopefully I’m home free!

img_20161028_161900Cravings/aversions: Craving comfort foods for sure. Made a yummy apple cider pot roast with cheddar mashed potatoes this week, salmon with lentils and yogurt sauce (so yummy) and lots of roasted veggies (broccoli, mushrooms, sweet potatoes). Also really wanting coffee this week so I made my first batch of cold brew decaf coffee at home. I think I let it sit too long as it was kind of strong even for decaf but it’s super easy and can sit in the fridge all week. I drank it cold over ice with half and half and some maple syrup. Going to make a pumpkin spice latte with the coffee this week too. As long as I don’t go crazy and drink too much, I’ve been able to handle it a bit better this week.

Missing anything: Mimosas at brunch.

Best part of the week: Weather was amazing last weekend and we got to get outside and had a neighborhood BBQ. Joe is officially a brisket champ! Also had brunch at Forthright before church Sunday which was amazingly delicious.

Can’t wait for: Trip to Omaha this week. It will be fun to see family and friends and get a little cooler weather since it’s still 85-90 degrees here in Austin. Though those in Omaha should probably prepare for a full on winter storm as every time I come it’s either way hotter than it should be or absolutely freezing!

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