Biweekly Update: 18 Weeks

img_20161007_180807The last couple of weeks have been a little crazy. Joe’s dad is currently in the hospital. Won’t go into all the details right now but prayers for his healing are needed and appreciated. We drove up to Springfield, MO where he is and have been trying to help out as much as possible. Though it was an unplanned trip and not under the best circumstances, it has been good seeing Joe’s family and letting Enzo play with all his cousins. He truly has a blast with the other kiddos. We’re not sure yet when we’ll be back in Austin as we’re waiting to see how things progress with his dad.

Below is my update for 18 weeks. Flying by!

How far along: 18 weeks

Size of baby: juicy mango!

Gender: Pretty sure it will either be a boy or a girl. 🙂 4962683256433610068-account_id1

Movement: Starting to get the little flutters but usually when I’m laying down for bed at night. Exciting to feel the little one now!

Sleep: Doing better but those crazy dreams do wake me up frequently.

Workouts: Pretty limited but I’ve been trying to do something a few times a week. Either walking or free YouTube workouts that are either prenatal or I can modify easily.

Maternity clothes: For the most part I feel more comfortable with maternity clothes than my regular wardrobe.

Symptoms: My allergies have kicked it up a notch over the last few weeks. Not sure if that’s a pregnancy symptom but they really have never been this bad before. Mostly sinus pressure, headache and fatigue. I have had some digestive issues but they seem to have gotten a little better this week. My energy has gotten better, I can eat well and my belly’s not too large that it’s bothersome yet.

img_20161013_184151Cravings/aversions: I’ve been addicted to peppermint tea right now and found a chocolate peppermint one at the store that is delicious. I’m always nervous about drinking tea while pregnant because there is so much conflicting information about which herbal teas are safe and which ones aren’t. My midwife suggested peppermint to help with some of my digestive issues and I’ve been drinking it every day. I usually can’t finish a whole cup but it’s a nice change from plain water.

Missing anything: The only thing that’s sticking out right now is coffee. I was drinking decaf before getting pregnant (pretty much have since before I even got pregnant with Enzo) but lately even decaf coffee is making me feel weird. I can drink about half a latte and start to get jittery. I did have a small latte yesterday that didn’t seem to bother me as much. It always smells and sounds so good but then I can hardly ever finish one anymore. Sad day.

Best part of the week: We got to see our little mango on the ultrasound. Since we are in Springfield, Joe’s sister (who is an ultrasound tech) was able to do the full scan of the baby that I was planning on getting next week anyways. Everything looks really great and baby is measuring right on target. Guestimated to weigh around 8 oz!

Can’t wait for: More baby movements. It helps me feel more connected to baby when I can feel him/her move. Before that I almost don’t even feel pregnant. It will be cool when you can feel baby from the outside and Enzo gets to feel for the first time.

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