Baby Enzo: 11 Month Update

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One more month until we have a one year old on our hands? Seriously pinch me!

Enjoys: crawling like crazy, pulling up to stand on anything he can, climbing the stairs (when we let him), swinging and trying to play in the dog’s water.

Milestones: no walking but a crazy crawler. He is pulling up to stand on everything. I’m guessing it will still be a couple of months before he’s officially walking but you never know.

Teeth: 7 teeth with 1 about to pop if it hasn’t already. I thought teething would start to get better once all of those teeth broke but definitely not. I can’t tell if it’s this last bottom tooth that’s bugging him or if his molars are starting to make their move. But he’s been super fussy and we’re all feeling the affects still!

Sleep: most days naps are pretty good and we get two solid 1-2 hour naps a day (about 2 1/2-3 1/2 hours of day sleep most days). Nights are mostly better but he’s still waking between 5-6 a.m. pretty much every day. Any day he makes it to 6 a.m. on his own I do a little dance! He still does have at least one sleep cry each night meaning he cries from 1-10 minutes but doesn’t require intervention. Sometimes it can be really difficult to fall asleep after that for me and also when he wakes really early. Not sure if it’s teething or not but between 4-6 a.m. his sleep is super restless and he wakes a lot. I keep thinking it’s a phase/teething and am really hoping this is coming to an end soon so we can all be a little more rested.

Food: last month I wrote about how great he was eating and this month things have shifted. Honestly over night it’s like his taste buds changed. Again I’m going to chalk it up to teething (because I don’t know what else to) but he just started refusing to eat. Yesterday was a little better and I could manage to get him to eat more than just fruit but his appetite/taste is still not the same as it was. He was acting really hungry, trying to eat and would just spit out everything. Even blueberries at one point which is crazy for him! Hoping this is just a phase as well. Breastfeeding is still staying on track though so that’s a positive.

Exercise: kicked it up a little bit and started running some mornings with Enzo in the neighborhood or on the trail by our house. Also took Joe’s bike out for a ride over the weekend. Definitely miss riding my bike. Hopefully we can find one for me soon as we are planning on getting a kid’s bike trailer for Enzo to use after he’s 1. Can’t wait for family bike rides!

Travel: Joe and I are headed to Italy without Enzo in a little over a month!! I can’t believe we are actually going and that it’s coming up so soon. I still feel like we have a lot to do before then but I know we’ll manage. 🙂


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