How I Found Out I was Pregnant

As I mentioned previously, I had been charting my cycles for about six months by taking my waking temperature and tracking my cervical fluid. Based on my charting, specifically my temperatures, I had not ovulated. I never had a significant rise in temperature that usually signifies ovulation. Enter January 1, 2014. What a great way to start off the New …

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The Road to Getting Pregnant

As I mentioned in my last post, I wanted to share our journey in successfully getting pregnant. I can tell you that it hasn’t been an easy road, but in the end I truly believe that God’s timing is perfect and that the wait will totally be worth it. Warning: there will be some girly/period talk that might be TMI …

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Bacon and Butternut Squash Egg Casserole

I am officially obsessed with any kind of egg bake. It’s just so easy to clean out my fridge and throw leftover cooked veggies and meat into a bowl with eggs and spices, bake in a casserole dish and call it good! The combo of sweet butternut squash and salty bacon is delicious. Add in sundried tomatoes and spinach for …

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Paleo St. Patrick’s Day Recipes

Hey all! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far. We had a pretty dreary weekend here in Austin, but this week is starting to shape up a little better. SXSW is going on right now and I’m sure a lot of local Austinites are hoping for bad weather to deter more people from moving here! Since I’m …

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Sweet Potato Hash Browns

I love crispy, salty hash browns for breakfast. Restaurant versions are delicious but they are probably not using the best oils and I hardly ever see sweet potato hashbrowns on a menu. Make these at home for a perfect weekend breakfast or brunch. Make extra to eat during the week. Joe and I haven’t had too much going on this …

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Spicy Beef Tacos

What a week! We just got back from a trip to Omaha to see family and friends. We truly had a blast (despite the cold and the snow!) and wish we could’ve spent more time there. It is good to be back in Austin though where the weather is slowly heating back up into the 70’s. It’s also good to …

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Potato Frittata

Prosciutto, Potato and Spinach Frittata

Frittatas are one of my favorite dishes to make. They are so easy and you can incorporate any meat, veggie or cheese (if you want). They are fairly quick to make, especially if you have the ingredients prepped. And they make for a great breakfast, lunch or dinner! I’ve posted a few frittata recipes here and here. This recipe was actually …

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Brownie and Ice Cream

Eastside Cafe – Austin Restaurant Review

Here is the first full restaurant review from Sweet Paleo! Joe and I visited Eastside Cafe on a Friday night. I had made reservations and we got our table right upon arrival. The restaurant is located inside an old house and is very quaint. They have a garden and also raise their own chickens which I think is awesome! Everything …

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Breakfast Tacos

What I Ate Today

I have another day in the life of eating mostly Paleo/Primal for you on a weekday! I’ve been eating smaller meals throughout the day instead of the typical three square meals and just trying to listen to my body. When I’m hungry, I eat, plain and simple. No matter what time of day. I hope this can inspire you and give …

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