What I Ate Today: Second Trimester

Now that I’m well into my second trimester food has been tasting really good (except for the few days here and there where I have crazy heartburn or other stomach issues). Below is an example of what I ate in one day. Hoping it helps others if you’re in a rut and need new meal ideas.

img_20161116_071252584Breakfast: scrambled eggs with black beans, spinach, cheese and a grain-free tortilla. Homemade pumpkin spice decaf latte.

img_20161116_150749971Morning snack: Enzo and I were at the park and I shared part of a grain-free raspberry muffin and some grapes with him.

img_20161116_120309850Lunch: leftover grilled chicken, hummus, leftover quinoa/chickpea salad (super yummy!) and avocado.

img_20161116_124703094After Lunch: grain-free chocolate chip pumpkin bar (extremely addicting!)

img_20161116_152456562Afternoon: hot peppermint tea (this helps a lot with heartburn and other stomach issues)

img_20161116_180740810Dinner: black beans, white rice, bell pepper mix and broccoli (this was all leftovers that I heated up)

img_20161116_185805885Dessert: another grain-free chocolate chip pumpkin bar with some store-bought eggnog gelato from Whole Foods

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