2014 Goals: #3 Greening Our Home – Cookware

Another area of our home that really needs some greening is our kitchen…specifically our cookware. We (well really I) have been using non-stick cookware for years. As a poor college student just starting to cook on my own, I used the cheapest pans possible. My Mom eventually bought me nice pans (which I loved) but they were still the non-stick variety. At the time, I didn’t know any better about the safety of all of the cookware I was using. Non-stick is so convenient and inexpensive, but comes with a hefty chemical price tag.

Lodge-Cast-Iron-SkilletTo be honest, it was Joe’s doing that we started switching out my beloved non-stick cookware. He had been doing research and found a great article that discussed different cookware and provided recommendations for the best and least chemical-laden options. We started with cast-iron. We now have 10 and 12 inch Lodge cast-iron skillets and I love them. I always feared these and worried about things sticking, but it has been pretty seamless. We already have one smaller stainless steel skillet which I just recently started using. I cooked eggs perfectly for the first time ever without using a non-stick pan. A true accomplishment for me!

Lastly, I bought an enameled cast-iron Dutch oven from Lodge. I considered the Le Creuset, but the price was too much and after much comparison and searching for reviews, the Lodge option seemed the best. I just made some chorizo, kale and pumpkin soup and it worked wonderfully!

Next on the list is to get two stainless steel saucepans and ceramic baking sheets. For now I’m using non-bleached parchment paper whenever I use my aluminum baking sheets. I have quite a few glass and ceramic dishes that work for baking or roasting.LifeFactory

We are also avoiding plastic as much as possible regarding storage. I completely avoid heating food in plastic containers and have successfully evaded plastic water bottles which leach chemicals that can alter your hormones. I purchased a glass water bottle from Life Factory and am trying to convince Joe he should have one as well.

I’m slowly getting rid of all my plastic storage containers but I know that will take time. For heating up my lunch at work, I simply bring a plate from home and heat on that as opposed to the plastic container I carry my food in. I truly feel that all of these steps are important to get as many chemicals out of our kitchen as possible. I also have confidence we will have all safe cookware by the end of 2014!

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